Dressing table «Milena - 2»

Dimensions, mm:

  • Height: 750/750
  • Width: 1300/950
  • Depth: 400/400
  • Mirror: 1100/900; 700/900
  • +nonstandard

Short description:

  • Material: wood
  • Sort of wood: birch

Dressing table «Milena - 2», like dressing table «Beata», is made in a modern style. In appearance, these two dressing tables are no different, they differ in hardware. On the drawers in the dressing table "Milena-2" are installed guides with a push-open system, thanks to which the drawers are extended with a slight pressure on the facade, that is, furniture handles on such facades are not installed. This dressing table is stable and reliable - in its capacious boxes you can hold any objects. It will help create a comfortable and ergonomic zone, in which you will only give time to yourself. It can be light and dark, but always of high quality, made from natural raw materials..

  • Paint :polyurethane varnish of the Italian company ICA
  • Certification: according to standards
  • Free delivery
  • Warranty: 18 month, exchange of goods within 30 days, return of goods within 14 days.

To create a full-fledged sleeping set that fits perfectly into any interior, you can pick up other pieces of furniture for your bedroom to this model:

  • bed «Milena - 2», «Stella»
  • bedside table «Milena - 2»
  • dresser «Milena - 2» with width 1100 or 700
  • three or four-door wardrobe with classical facades

It is also possible to produce furniture of non-standard sizes by individual order.

The birch is a hard sort of wood, it has a homogeneous structure, practically not containing knots. The tree can easily be painted, takes color from the lightest and down to the darkest shades. For toning dressing table we use high-quality certified polyurethane Italian varnishes.


Color options

Варианты мебельных ручек

  1. Protect the product from direct exposure to moisture, as well as the long-term influence on it of direct sunlight
  2. Adhere to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer (from +18 C to +35 C) and humidity conditions (from 40% to 60%)
  3. Do not install near heat sources
  4. Do not wipe the product with a damp cloth soaked in a cleaning or detergent that is not at all designed to care for furniture
  5. Remove dust from individual surfaces with a dry and soft cloth
  6. Observe only the permissible load weights directly on the product itself

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