Furniture factory “Eliseevskaia mebel”

The company “Eliseevskaia mebel” started work in 2006 . Over the long years of everyday work we have become real experts in our main specialization – making modern bedrooms. Each element is made of natural, high - strength, ecologically-clean material – an array of birch.

“Our company is characterized by a combination of painstaking work and family atmosphere, thats because our products which manufactured with inexhaustible enthusiasm and passion , have their own style and character. “Innovation, originating in tradition!” - further success is based on the continuous development of innorative design and functional ideas...”

Yelisieiev O. A.

The enterprise carries out a full cycle of processing of wood : from a round wood to finished goods. Raw meterials are carefully selected, transported to production and subjected to sawing with the help of modern equipment. The forest area undergoes reclamation.

In specialized boxes, after sawing occurs a computerized drying of the raw material to a humidity of 8 %

The production of high quality furniture requires a professional approach and compliance with the production standarts for working with solid wood. All this provided by our specialists with many years of experience.

In the specialized paint chambers the next step is the painting of the products. The paint and varnish components used in work ofexclusively European origin are certified according to European standarts , have a european quality mark, wich means they are absolutely safe.

The finished products undergo multistage quality control, are certified and have a guarantee in accordace with the legislation of Ukraine. Bedrooms from wood produced under our trademark and in quality which do not concede to the best foreign samples.

We strive to bring comfort and safety to your home, giving your interior individuality and perfection! We sincerely thank you for your trust and the opportunity to work for you!