Dressing table «Assol»

Dimensions, mm:

  • Height: 750/750
  • Width: 1200/900
  • Depth: 400/400
  • Mirror: 1100/900; 700/900
  • +nonstandard

Short description:

  • Material: wood
  • Sort of wood: birch

Dressing table «Assol»  is made in classical style, elegant and functional, symmetrical lines give it antiquities, the best option for all fans of the original classics. This dressing table is stable and reliable - in its capacious boxes you can hold any objects. It will help create a comfortable and ergonomic zone, in which you will only give time to yourself. It can be light and dark, but always of high quality, made from natural raw materials .

  • Paint :polyurethane varnish of the Italian company ICA
  • Certification: according to standards
  • Free delivery
  • Warranty: 18 month, exchange of goods within 30 days, return of goods within 14 days.

To create a full-fledged sleeping set that fits perfectly into any interior, you can pick up other pieces of furniture for your bedroom to this model:

  • bed «Assol»
  • bedside table «Assol»
  • dresser «Assol» with width 1100 or 700
  • three or four-door wardrobe with classical facades

It is also possible to produce furniture of non-standard sizes by individual order.

The birch is a hard sort of wood, it has a homogeneous structure, practically not containing knots. The tree can easily be painted, takes color from the lightest and down to the darkest shades. For toning dressing table we use high-quality certified polyurethane Italian varnishes.


Color options

Варианты мебельных ручек

  1. Protect the product from direct exposure to moisture, as well as the long-term influence on it of direct sunlight
  2. Adhere to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer (from +18 C to +35 C) and humidity conditions (from 40% to 60%)
  3. Do not install near heat sources
  4. Do not wipe the product with a damp cloth soaked in a cleaning or detergent that is not at all designed to care for furniture
  5. Remove dust from individual surfaces with a dry and soft cloth
  6. Observe only the permissible load weights directly on the product itself

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